My brothers and I wrote and recorded a country-pop hit jam-packed with every redneck stereotype we could think of.

We're still waiting on a call from Music Row.

Buy it on iTunes!





Or you can download it on Tidal.





Or Napster.





I think that's still a thing.





Just checked... Napster is definitely still a thing.




So.... you can download it there.





It's only 99 cents.





That's like one dollar, minus one penny. 





Actually, that's exactly what it is.





Which, I don't have to tell you, isn't a lot of money.





Or you can stream it on Spotify.





Or not.





I don't want to seem pushy.





If you don't like the song that's okay too. 





You won't hurt my feelings.




People like different kinds of music.





Which I guess is pretty cool.





Some people like jazz.





Others like rock n roll.





Some people even like classical music.





Some people just listen to podcasts.




This is not a podcast.





So... if this song is not your thing, that's okay.








Well, that's all I have to say about that.




Buy the song if you want, or don't. 





Either is fine.









Have a good day.